#010: Solvang


I’m so tired from driving all day. So here’s just a few photos of Murray in Solvang.

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 10.52.15 PM

For those of you who don’t know about Solvang:

Solvang is small town North of Santa Barbara, it was founded in 1911 by new Danish settlers from Denmark. Giving California a taste of their homeland, the Danish built their buildings in traditional Danish architectural style. There are many bakeries and restaurants that serve traditional Danish foods, most famous are the Aebelskivers from the Solvang Restaurant. They’re like round pancakes with jam and powdered sugar, have them with sausages and coffee! It has great little shops and is just a great town to visit. Solvang also makes in appearance in the best movie ever, Sideways.


#009: I Turned 30 and Nothing Happened 

*Disclaimer- Technically yesterday was my birthday, I post these next day. 

Today, I turned 30. Here is a list of things I did, in no particular order:

  1. Drank one pot of coffee.
  2. Read a book, nearly finished!
  3. Walked around and looked at trees, contemplating my existence.
  4. Colored in adult coloring book.
  5. Drank my favorite beer, Pliny The Elder, arguably the greatest beer in world. Seriously, look it up, it’s made right here in Somona County. Fuck birthday cakes, I’m a goddamn adult. 
  6. Watched my favorite BBC show, Miranda. 
  7. Cuddled with Murray, went to sleep.

I basically had a perfect birthday. And thanks to all of you who looked at the “Today’s Birthdays” section on Facebook, and took the time to wish me Happy Birthday. 


#008: Napa, Where Dreams Come True.


Drove over to Napa to visit my favorite places, but completely forgot to take no more than just a  few photos. BUT… here is a list of all the places I love in Napa. So on your next trip (or first trip) you have some places that won’t disappoint!

  1. Gott’s Roadside – The burgers are EXCELLENT, my favorite is the Western Bacon Blue Ring Burger, but all of them are pretty much delicious. As for fries, get the garlic, can’t go wrong with garlic fries. The shakes are fantastic, if it’s in season, get the blueberry shake. Also, there are two locations, don’t go to the one in Downtown Napa, the St. Helena location is better and has a really nice outdoor seating area. And be prepared to wait in a long line, but it’s totally worth it!
  2. Dean & Deluca – Get your morning cup of coffee and pastry before you hit the tasting rooms. They also have a nice selection of local artisanal foods, made by real farmers and artisans, and not hipsters.
  3. Bounty Hunter – BEST BBQ EVER. I know I’m pushing a lot of buttons with this one, especially my cousins in Texas, but the Bounty Hunter does some of the best BBQ around. Order the incredible “Bh Beer-can Chicken”, slices off like butter. Another favorite, the pulled pork, OMG, it’s perfect.
  4.  Bouchon Bakery – Bouchon Bakery is perfect those of us who don’t want be on a wait list for a wait list to one of Thomas Keller’s restaurants (but totally worth it, TRUST). They make the most beautiful pastries you’ve ever seen. Get the macarons in every flavor, or if that’s not your thing, the almond croissant is to die for. TO DIE FOR. And don’t forget to get a mocha latte with all your tasty treats!
  5. Alpha Omega Winery – Ok, listen, we can go on with a whole list of the best wineries in Napa, but if you can’t afford to go to every one on the “Top 5 Napa Wineries” list, you just need to go to one. And you should make it Alpha Omega. It has everything. It’s casual but not too casual, they’re service is great, but they’re also pretty down to earth and not so uptight (obviously by Napa standards). They have a lovely outdoor seating area overlooking a fountain and vineyard. And I haven’t even gotten to the wine.  They have two different tastings, four reds ($50) or two whites/ two reds ($30). I suggest the $30 tasting, you get to try their Chardonnay, it’s wonderful. I can hear you say “But I only drink red”, fuck you, try some whites, expand your horizons. They are also dog friendly, when Murray and I sat outside, they brought him a water bowl and treats!



#007: The Redwood Forest


Today was a slower, relaxing day. Morning cup of coffee followed by a hike through the woods behind the house I’m staying in. I’ve never really been walking through the woods alone before, of course Murray was with me, but you really get the feeling of solitude when it’s just you surrounded by a young redwood forest. The rustling of leaves, the spots of sunlight pushing through the trees, and the occasional sound of an animal, other than your own, stepping though the woods. It also looked like a prime spot to film a horror movie. But in my horror movie, I’d make sure the first person to die isn’t black. Got to break those stereotypes.


What I do the rest of the day? Read, write this blog post, and took a nap. I also plan on coloring in my adult coloring book, while drinking a bottle of red wine.




#006: Bodega Bay


After a rough start to the morning, I was up late watching Colbert, I headed twenty minutes West to Bodega Bay. Famous for beautiful bluffs and beaches, Murray and I drove along the coast and spent some much need time frolicking in the ocean. While overlooking the bluffs we potted a blue whale and it’s calf. Hell no am I paying 40 bucks to go whale watching only to see zero whales. Been there, done that.


By the way, shout out to Park Rangers. The Park Ranger I spoke with while there was so knowledgeable; she kindly informed me that underneath part of the sand I was walking on, was a dead whale. Last year it washed up on the shore and over time the waves buried it in sand. I didn’t know whether to be mortified or fascinated. I decided fascinated. Bodega Bay is also known for a very famous reason. But more on that in a few days when I’ll be going back.


#005: Sonoma County Day 4


Woke up to the lovely retired couple’s dog, Alfie, at the front door waiting for Murray to come out and play. We walked around the property, amongst the young redwood trees, and had some locally roasted coffee. Planted myself on the front porch with the dogs and read for a few hours. It was goddamn glorious.

Going back and forth from the porch to the living room, I read, wrote, and at no point did I ever check what time it was. With Murray by my side, We just let the day happen.